Our Model

The Learn Work Earn Progress Program

For our cleaners and waste collectors, we specifically hire disadvantaged individuals who have not undertaken tertiary education. Through our apprenticeship and mentorship program, our staff undertake a one-month training class and practical training sessions. We then place them at client sites for a work contract between 1 to 3 years.

Within this period, other skill sets such as leadership, driving, computer skills, customer service, basic accounting, operations, human resource management, and quality control are given to staff members based on work performance.


This is either through further in-house training, apprenticeship or diploma scholarships that equip them to manage their increasing roles. Increased training results in increased responsibilities, which results in increased income. Through this program, we have seen our cleaners and waste collectors rise to ranks in other departments other than cleaning. Not only do we equip our team members to work within our organization, we equip them to work in other organizations.

Community Engagement

Global issues such as hygiene and waste management must be addressed. We provide reliable cleaning and waste management services and we engage the youth at it.

By employing the youth in this processes we are contributing to the well being of the community while ensuring stability for the youth as they can generate a satisfactory steady income for their well-being.

It makes sense to solve issues while feeding ourselves. Currently, we collect and recycle 3000 tonnes of waste monthly and we clean over 100,000 sqft per day.