Our Services

Deep cleaning services.

One-off cleaning is made to handle any stubborn stains, accumulated dirt and dust that would not be removed during every day operations. This enables the client to resume services in a clean environment, equipment is also given a new lease of life that enables them to last longer reducing the necessity to acquire new equipment because of destruction by dirt. We are professionals at tile and terrazzo stain removal & drainage and manhole cleaning and wall stain removal.

Sanitary bin disposal services.

Feminine hygiene is at the centre of every woman’s productivity, this in turn affects organization productivity. We offer high quality well-coordinated collection of sanibin services to women’s toilets. Our sanibins are deodorized, treated and perfumed to curb any strong odours possible. Collection is done as per client needs through a well-coordinated schedule that ensures collection at the right time.

Toiletries consumables supplies.

We offer toiletries consumables such as tissue paper, soap that help facilitate day to day operations with the final consumer. We have partnered with various manufacturers in the industry so as to supply these to our clients at a discounted value.

1. Daily Contractual Cleaning

These services include the cleaning of estates/office facilities/institutions and big facilities such as malls.

We offer comprehensive cleaning packages to our clientele ensuring that operations in their premises are done in a conducive and hygienic environment.

This way, the client does not have to worry about the hygiene level of their home environment and can look forward to coming home to a clean environment.

Services Include : 

Daily cleaning of facilities.

Our professionally trained staffs are dedicated to daily cleaning of the estate covering, their common areas, apartment stairs, drainages and manholes, shopping centres, and school corridors within the estate community The coordination, efficiency and high standards of cleaning are maintained through and through each customer. We have programs made to suit a variety of budgets for our various clienteles.

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning.

We are experts at upholstery, drapery and carpet cleaning. These services can be offered to organizations one off prolonging the livelihood of their upholstery, enhancing their appearances and increasing their hygiene standards at their premises. With our specially formulated cleaning substances, latest technology we can ensure that the upholstery is spotless within a short time and allow it to serve the client for a long time.

2. Basic Landscaping Services

We are dedicated to attending to our clients’ commercial lawn care needs thoroughly and attentively. Our experts are professional, honest, and trustworthy, and that is what makes us a trusted landscape team.

You can rely on us to keep your business’ property looking its best.


3. Garbage Collection Services

With a 99.9% accuracy of garbage pick-ups, we offer our clientele a garbage collection solution that is hard to find. We are a NEMA Certified garbage transporter and we collect garbage as per client needs and we provide labelled garbage bags as per government requirement. We are currently certified to provide services in Nairobi and Machakos County.