Our Values

Reliability and consistency


Environment Friendly


We value that the experience our customers will have will be the same good experience they experience with us from the beginning and continuity of our relations. What we promise, we must deliver.

We aim to provide high value for our customers through well-thought procedures, appropriate materials and tools and professionally trained staff.

We are focused on ensuring that the livelihoods and environment we interact with are left better than what we first found, better living and working conditions for our customers, enhancement of the livelihoods of members of our staff members and suppliers, while ensuring we meet our goal of having a better cleaner, Africa. We are at the forefront of providing sustainable hygiene and waste management solutions.

Equality and inclusivity are values central to our work. We employ and structure career growth opportunities for marginalized youth and we implement inclusive programs that drive sustainable development, promote decent work and grow resilient economies; with youth, for youth, by youth.